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62mph - Good Enough to Buy Twice - 2001 Suzuki SV650

Final Word   SV650

Posted Jun 30, 08

So the situation goes like this...In February of 2005 I got a job doing graphic design for an e-commerce company. I had an 8 month pregnant wife, one car, and a new job that was 22 miles away. The solution: A Daytona Blue 2001 SV650. A bike that provided great handling, plenty of power, and a growl that said, "Back the hell off." I loved this bike. Everything about it just made me so, so...excited.

Eight days later the Federal Trade Commission raided the top story office of my new job at gunpoint. The company was shut down that day and I was without my job. My wife had the baby and we decided shortly after to move to a small town about 60+ miles outside of Phoenix. In order to afford the purchase of the house I had to make a difficult decision. I sold the bike.

It doesn't matter who I sold it to. It was a sad sale. However, it does matter who I sold it to, because I sold it to Allen. Allen purchased the SV, rode it home, and sat on it with big dreams of big upgrades. Which is exactly what he did.

The first thing that Allen did was pull off anything that was blue and had it painted pearl white. He even had some things that weren't blue painted white. Not just white but pearl white, with ghost flames. Then he took the seat, bought a rear seat and had them recovered in Bomber Jacket Brown. Very tasteful. Allen then proceeded to replace the single headlight with a dual setup similar to that of the Triumph Speed Triple. He actually did quite a bit of work to it including rebuilding the front forks, adding frame sliders, swapping the read taillight for an LED tail with integrated signals, and swapped the gears for more torque. He did quite a bit before he actually felt the bike was rideable at his standards. By then of course a year had passed and it was the summer again so he didn't ride it very much. As he had finally finished his project his thoughts strayed to other ladies, ladies with four wheels. AE86 ladies.

When the time came for Allen to buy a new car my wife suggested that I buy the bike back. Allen also suggested it and lo and behold I owned my SV650 again, only this time, it was...different.

I rode it around a lot this time. I went on as many road trips as I possibly could. All around Arizona I rode. The town I lived in was great for motorcycle riding. It was two hours of awesome riding from everything. Even a quick half hour could get you a great thrill and some beautiful scenery. However fall quickly turned into winter, and with winter came the bottoming out of my graphic design business and super cold weather. At some morning everything froze and I wore out the battery starting my bike. The bike then sat like that for a while, until I could afford to buy a new battery, which didn't come for quite some time. The bike just ended up sitting and looking at me with longing for over a year. And it only needed a good cleaning and a $100 worth of parts that I couldn't afford until I finally decided to get a proper job.

Well that happened and a couple of months ago I got everything running just like new. The bike runs great and I love it. Unfortunately it is time to sell it again.

I don't really know why, but I think it's because of how little I like to drive through traffic for an hour and a half each day trying to be hyper-aware of the other commuters who are setting up new and elaborate ways to not see me. I love riding, but I hate commuting on a motorcycle. Especially on surface streets. If I could buy a car and keep the bike then I would, but alas there isn't money for both right now. So it goes.

...Uhh, Maybe I should buy this back. It did take me a year to build and put together due to the fact that the painter went into rehab for about 8 months. What can I say the best artist have the most addictive personalities. Unfortunately, that why the build took so long.

I love'd how this bike rode and its the best motorcycle I have ever owned. It handled better than my friend's Honda VFR. When I started to think about how I wanted to to look, my intialinfluences were Triumph Motorcycles from the Cafe Racers and Speed Triple.
I think it turned out well and the dual headlights make it work.

As far as other "laides", I currently am in the process of building my own cafe racer. I'll post some more on that, later.

I would recommend the SV650 to anyone, beginner or otherwise. It really is a bike that you can't out grow. Truely, Suzuki made a street motorcycle that is as close to perfect as you can get.



2001 Suzuki SV650
Engine: 645cc V Twin
Horsepower: 70hp @ 9000 rpm
Torque: 48+ @ 7500 rpm (upgraded)
Weight: 364lbs
Price: $ 2950