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Toyota AE86 Corolla GTS
Posted Monday, December 3, 2007

We test out an AE86 coupe in the canyons of Arizona. This being the first time that either of us have driven this car with any real intention, we quickly find out what all of the hype is about. With a small 1.6 liter engine, and a fully tuned suspension this car manages to make short work of the canyons....
New Porsche Cayenne Gts Debuts at The Iaa in Frankfurt
Posted Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ATLANTA, SEPTEMBER 7, 2007 - Porsche underlines the real sporty edge of its successful Cayenne series with the addition of a new model to be unveiled at the Frankfurt International Auto Show next week and going on sale in 2008: the Cayenne GTS boasts a specially developed chassis with permanent all-wheel drive, a V8 engine that offers a sizeable increase in horsepower and for the first time in North America will be available with a six-speed manual transmission. With its lowered body, the new Cayenne GTS reveals a distinctive front and rear look combined with striking wheel-arch extensions that provide plenty of space for the standard 21-inch alloy rims with 295/35 R21 tires. Redesigned front and rear seats reflect the sportier personality of the new model. Two new paint finishes will...
Great Gas Milage and Performance In One Car?
Posted Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The questions is can you have your cake and eat it, too? I love the idea of fast sports cars that handle well and also serve as a decent daily driver. However, as I mentioned before in the last article, gas prices are on the rise and are currently over $4.00 a gallon with no relief in sight. Where does that leave the driving enthusiast?  Bored... and annoyed (At least I am.) You can't take that leisurely trip up north or to your favorite mountain pass on the weekend, you have to save that precious fuel for getting yourself to work and back. So what is the solution? Carpool if you can, ride a bicycle if you live close enough, or buy a more economical ride. I never want to recommend that people trade in their existing car for the sole reason of poor gas mileage. If there is nothing...