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Firebird Open Drift
Posted Monday, August 11, 2008

We showed up at an open drift event to see the local scene and run Allen's Corolla through it's paces. ...
In the Niche: (Part 2)
Posted Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Allen: I spent all night working on this. Here's the list in order of importance to me: 1. Rear Wheel Drive (Limited Slip differential should be an option.) 2. 28 mpg (Preferably, a 4 cylinder) 3. Around or Under $25,000 4. Manual Transmission 5. Must be classified as a compact and have 2 doors. All of the other options I can live with. A Turbocharger would be a great option but is not necessary (See "F** Front Wheel Drives and you will get an idea of what makes a Turbo great.) You might be wondering at this point if any car like this ever existed? The answer is yes. Most cars produced up until the 1980s were rear wheel drive. The production of front wheel drives came into play in the mid-1980s due to cost. They can produce a front wheel drive compact cheaper then a rear...
My 240sx Suspension
Posted Thursday, November 1, 2007

Allen: I figured I would write a post about the suspension set-up in my 240sx. Suspension modification is one of those things that if done incorrectly can make your car handle worse. I spent several month researching on what I wanted to do. I chose the Whiteline suspension kit which can be purchased at (these guys are awesome! I've ordered other things from them than just my kit.). The reason I chose this kit was because it had been tried and tested on the 240sx (S13). It comes with lowering springs, adjustable sway-bars, and full polyurethane bushings. It is very labor intensive to replace all of the bushing on a 240sx or any car for that matter. It took me 11 hours with a lift, press and torch because some of the bushings could not be pressed out and had...
Can You Roll with 100hp? (AE86 Dyno)
Posted Monday, April 14, 2008

Did I ever mention how much I love my old 1987 Toyota Corolla? Well, I do. (If you don't care about reading my article and only care about the numbers then scroll the to bottom of the page.) The past several month, life for Austin and I has been down right insane. I'm pretty sure there isn't a person out there reading or checking out our web site who hasn't experienced the craziness of life at one time or another. During this craziness, Austin somehow manged to coerce me out of my S13, 240sx, or what ever you'd like to call it. So I've been stuck driving my Corolla. Which it turns out I like actually better. So If your interested in an S13 email me During the progression of time I met some fellow AE86ers' (I guess that is what you call us... it's a word...